REQUIRE(rdataset->rdclass == db->rdclass) failed

Evan Hunt each at
Thu Jul 30 17:56:31 UTC 2015

> Is this a known issue with internal private TLDs and I should just give
> up on using a shared cache? Getting rid of our internal domain is a huge
> undertaking which won't be completed any time soon.

On the one hand: No, this is a bug, and I'd appreciate it if you'd
bundle up your named.conf (with key secrets stripped out; you can use
named-checkconf -px to do this automatically) and the details of the query
you sent to bind9-bugs at

On the other hand: I don't see why you'd want to share a cache between two
views if only one of them has access to the internal TLD.

I'm not sure that what you're doing should work, but it definitely
shouldn't fail by crashing the server, so either way we ought to fix

Evan Hunt -- each at
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.

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