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Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Mon Mar 30 08:30:20 UTC 2015

On 03/30/15 00:35, @lbutlr wrote:
> Downloaded and compiled bind-9.9.7 (FreeBSD 8.4-RELEASE) and it built fine (./configure && make && make install).

On FreeBSD, building software out of the ports is definitely
recommended.  It does the usual configure and make dance, but you also
get the benefit of using the package management system, and any OS
specific patches that might need to be applied.  (Not that there are
many with BIND).

> If I try to start named (service named start), it starts this version instead of the version in /usr/local/sbin
> I found this in /etc/defaults/rc,conf:
> named_enable="NO"               # Run named, the DNS server (or NO).
> named_program="/usr/sbin/named" # Path to named, if you want a different one.
> named_conf="/etc/namedb/named.conf"     # Path to the configuration file
> #named_flags=""                 # Use this for flags OTHER than -u and -c
> named_uid="bind"                # User to run named as
> named_chrootdir="/var/named"    # Chroot directory (or "" not to auto-chroot it)
> named_chroot_autoupdate="YES"   # Automatically install/update chrooted
>                               # components of named. See /etc/rc.d/named.
> named_symlink_enable="YES"      # Symlink the chrooted pid file
> named_wait="NO"                 # Wait for working name service before exiting
> named_wait_host="localhost"     # Hostname to check if named_wait is enabled
> named_auto_forward="NO"         # Set up forwarders from /etc/resolv.conf
> named_auto_forward_only="NO"    # Do "forward only" instead of "forward first”
> So I changed the path (in /etc/rc.conf) to /usr/local/sbin/named
> But now I get:
> $ /etc/rc.d/named start
> Starting named.
> /etc/rc.d/named: WARNING: failed to start named
> But nothing is logged in /var/log/messages
> For now, I am pointing back to the old 9.8.4 version.

It's been a while since I ran FreeBSD 8.4 on any nameservers, but I
recall it working fine using the ports version of named and the
configuration files from the base system.

Can you start the named process "by hand" -- the command line should be
something like:

   # /usr/local/sbin/named -u bind -c /etc/namedb/named.conf \
	-t /var/named

(assuming you want it to run chrooted)

If you've setup named to log to syslog, rather than just writing its own
files, then adding

   syslogd_flags="-l /var/named/var/run/log"

to /etc/rc.conf and restarting syslogd may get you some better logging



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