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Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Sat Nov 14 06:34:28 UTC 2015

On 11/11/2015 02:55 AM, Julie Xu wrote:
> After I read some bind  information, it looks like most configure example is use dhcp/ddns together.

DHCP and Dynamic DNS are quite often used together, but it is not a 

You can easily have Dynamic DNS enabled on a (sub)domain (zone) that has 
statically configured clients in it.  The zone file won't get many 
(any?) updates.

I have a number of zones with statically configured clients using DDNS 
so that BIND will mange the DNSSEC for me.

With DDNS enabled, you can use the nsupdate command to add / change / 
remove records from the zone.

> Please advice, if I can make a subdomain and make this subnet will contact the dns server to get a dns name dynamicly. I would like it:
> 	- every machine in this subnet will get a dns name automatically

Statically configured machines won't reach out to the DNS server to get 
their configuration.  That's where the "static configuration" comes into 

> 	- the dns name is same as the host name

The hosts set their own name, and optionally give DDNS updates.

> 	- the dns name will automatically be removed after the ip offline or the hostname changed.

That's going to be difficult.  There's no good way for a DNS server to 
know when a host is offline.

Some DHCP servers will approximate this behavior by watching for a DHCP 
release message and / or periodically pinging IPs that have been leased 
to see if the client is still on line.  Further, some DHCP servers will 
reap DNS records for clients that are offline.

> If these action can be achive, please advice how can I configure it?

DDNS for a static subnet is simple, just follow any DDNS tutorial, minus 
the DHCP part.

> Any comments will be appreciated

Good luck.

Grant. . . .
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