does bind depends on system DNS settings for lookup?

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Fri Nov 20 11:19:23 UTC 2015

Darcy Kevin (FCA) <kevin.darcy at> wrote:

> The latest "terminology clarification" attempt
> ( is
> informed by the iterative/recursive distinction, inasmuch as it defines
> the terms "recursive mode", "recursive resolver", "recursive server",
> "iterative mode" and "iterative resolver". But I think those definitions
> are still confusing, because they don't squarely address the
> provider/consumer distinction -- an entity which *provides* resolution
> for incoming RD=1 queries typically uses (on its *consumer* side) RD=0
> queries to get the answer; so, is it "recursive" or "iterative" or
> *both*? RFC 4697's definition of an "iterative resolver" purely in
> *consumer* terms ("sends queries"), is distinguished in this new draft
> only in terms of the *provider* interface ("responds with a referral to
> another server"). Also, the attempt, in that draft, to clarify
> "recursive server" talks about it having a "name server side" and a
> "resolver side", but the term "name server" is never actually defined in
> the document (amazingly!). I think I'll raise these as problems with the
> draft.

Please do, though be aware that the current rough draft is going to be
published as an RFC -

The plan is to do a follow-up version as a second RFC, so your comments
will be helpful towards making the second version better.

My suggested clarifications to the recursive / iterative definitions
were rejected on the grounds that they should be considered for the
second RFC.

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