Installing bind is not very clear for me

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Thu Sep 3 18:47:54 UTC 2015

Few points for clarification:

With rhel/centos you're not getting the major version as reported.  You
need to look at the changlog for the package to see what fixes/features
have been backported.  That effort including associated QA is part of what
you're paying for with rhel or getting for free as part of centos.

If you need to build your own, there are community srpms for that so you
don't have to start from scratch.

ISC themselves has moved away from chroot as an absolute best practice.
Critically think if it really makes sense for you.

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>On 09/03/2015 01:45 PM, Leandro wrote:
>> Dear All:
>> While installing bind still have not clear some issues:
>> Im using Centos 6.6 since Im not very comfortable with Centos7 yet.
>> My final goal is to get an updated and stable version and also use
>> json format for the statistics channel.
>> 1) Some bind users recommended to get at least a 9.10 release but:
>> Using yum and repos, founded that 9.8 is available for Centos 6.6.
>> Also , Centos recommend not to build from source when possible.
>> 2)Building bind 9.10 from source is not complicated but:
>> Could not install on chroot.
>> Could not get the json or xml statistics , only html.
>If you need 9.10 for json, and you want to stay with Centos, you WILL be
>doing your own builds.  I am working with C7 and it is 'only' 9.9.4 (or
>at least that is what dig is reporting).
>There are a lot of fun debates that if you are using selinux on Centos,
>you do not need chroot.  In fact chroot introduces its own set of
>challenges.  I tend to believe this, though it was years ago that I went
>through the arguments.
>There are people on the Centos list that build their own bind.  Ask over
>> Any ideas ?
>> Is possible to update / add my repos to install a recent version with
>> json support and chrooted with:
>> If not , Is it possible to build from source in chrooted enviroment ?
>> Any doc ?
>> btw: Server is not in production yet.
>> Thanks!!
>> Leandro.
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