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Fri Dec 9 18:58:29 UTC 2016

You all are probably aware of the plans for rolling the root dnssec key in 2017.  ICANN is trying to ensure this goes smoothly and we are of course looking for ways ISC can help.

There is a draft blog post on the topic of the 2017 Root Key Rollover, kind of hidden on ISC’s web site here: <>   We had to turn off comments on the web site because the spam was out of hand, but I welcome corrections, examples, or further suggestions from bind-users and will add them to the blog.

Towards the end of the blog, there is a short list of possible ‘corner cases’ that could trip people up during the rollover.  If you folks can think of others, please do share them.  ISC’s BIND test engineer, Curtis, is planning a thorough test of the BIND support for the root dnssec key rollover in 2017 Q1 and he would appreciate any input into the test plan.

Please either post discussion here or unicast to vicky at <mailto:vicky at> or ckb at <mailto:ckb at>. 

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