DNS view "passthrough" and caching

Vladimir-M. Obelic vobelic at gbit6.net
Fri Dec 9 19:59:07 UTC 2016


I have two views configured, default (where the clients are first
matched or denied) and view2 where only some clients should match
(after being denied in default view match).

Only one zone "zone.com" is defined in view2, whereas default view has
all the other zones including "zone.com" and "example.com".
I've setup view2 with forwarders { localhost; } so that all other
queries "fall through" to the default view so that other zones can be

Everything works as expected, except the caching issue.
I.e. I update the "example.com" zone in the default view but clients
that are matched in the view2 see the cached RRs for "example.com"
I guess this is because bind acts as a client to itself when the query
gets forwarded to localhost from view2.
Workaround is to exec rndc flushname example.com after i've updated the zone.
Not pretty since i'd have to do it on master and all slaves.

Is there a way to prevent caching in this scenario?



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