DNS view "passthrough" and caching

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Fri Dec 9 21:38:09 UTC 2016

Use 'zone "zonename" { in-view "namename"; };' and have all zones
that the view answers for be in that view.  "in-view" was introduced
in BIND 9.10.0.  Configure the zone (master/slave) in the first
view it appears in.

view "view1" {

	zone "example.com" {

view "view2" {

	zone "example.com" {
		in-view "view1";

	zone "zone.com" {

For earlier versions of named transfer the zones between views.  If
you are supposed to be authoritative for a zone then it needs to
be configured in all appropriate views.  Remember to keep the file
names seperate.


In message <CA+m0wJ_Oiq9rMtYB9KCG9cxdmiCkbOw9qneHH4e1u-Qm-sSf5w at mail.gmail.com>, "Vladimir-M. Obelic" writes:
> Hello,
> I have two views configured, default (where the clients are first
> matched or denied) and view2 where only some clients should match
> (after being denied in default view match).
> Only one zone "zone.com" is defined in view2, whereas default view has
> all the other zones including "zone.com" and "example.com".
> I've setup view2 with forwarders { localhost; } so that all other
> queries "fall through" to the default view so that other zones can be
> resolved.
> Everything works as expected, except the caching issue.
> I.e. I update the "example.com" zone in the default view but clients
> that are matched in the view2 see the cached RRs for "example.com"
> zone.
> I guess this is because bind acts as a client to itself when the query
> gets forwarded to localhost from view2.
> Workaround is to exec rndc flushname example.com after i've updated the zone.
> Not pretty since i'd have to do it on master and all slaves.
> Is there a way to prevent caching in this scenario?
> Thanks!
> BR,
> Vladimir
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