Interesting behavior with wildcard domains

Noel Butler noel.butler at
Tue Feb 23 23:19:16 UTC 2016

On 24/02/2016 09:13, Mathew Ian Eis wrote:

> Hi BIND, 
> I've encountered (quite by accident) an interesting behavior in BIND with wildcard domains: 
> The relevant configuration is a zone; e.g., with what I'll call a "second level" wildcard host, e.g. * A in that zone. (as opposed to what might be considered the more usual wildcard host record of * 
> returns A as expected. 
> However, a query for returns NOERR with zero results, when I would expect a NXDOMAIN. 
> Anyone know if the NOERR with zero results is the expected / correct behavior? 
> Thanks in advance, 
> Mathew Eis 
> Northern Arizona University 
> Information Technology Services

It's expected, since its a *  "." foo... 
you are asking for anything thast dot foo, your not asking for foo 


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