Newbie's BIND Questions on DNSSEC, HA and SD

David Li dlipubkey at
Sun Jan 17 05:33:39 UTC 2016


I am new to BIND. I am researching for a DNS server that can meet a
list of requirements to be used in  a distributed system. They are:

1. Security (DNSSEC)
2. High Availability (HA)
3. Service Discovery (DNS-SD)

So I think BIND might be my best choice so far. Others I have looked
at include dnsmasq, unbound, PowerDNS etc.

Because I don't have real experience with BIND yet and our
architecture hasn't been finalized, I am asking the community experts
for validations on my conclusion.

Another question I haven't quite figured out is the HA architecture.
Is it possible to set up a cluster of BIND servers (> 2) for each VLAN
subnet with one of them as master the rest as slaves?



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