Newbie's BIND Questions on DNSSEC, HA and SD

Tony Finch dot at
Mon Jan 18 10:26:14 UTC 2016

David Li <dlipubkey at> wrote:
> Another question I haven't quite figured out is the HA architecture.
> Is it possible to set up a cluster of BIND servers (> 2) for each VLAN
> subnet with one of them as master the rest as slaves?

Are these recursive or authoritative servers?

For recursive servers you only need a few per site. (Per VLAN would be
overkill unless your VLANs are very busy) The standard HA technique
is to use anycast - see for example

Where I work our core server network spans multiple sites at layer 2, so
I'm using keepalived which makes the coupling between the DNS servers and
the network a lot simpler.

For authoritative DNA HA, make your recursive servers authoritative for
your local zones, so your recursive servers still work when the rest of
your DNS is broken. Get third-party off-site secondary DNS service.
There's not much need to get more complicated than that.

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