Complete DNS fake root setup example

Bob Harold rharolde at
Wed Jan 20 17:53:47 UTC 2016

On Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 12:12 PM, MURTARI, JOHN <jm5903 at> wrote:
> Folks,
>                 Had to do some testing where we wanted our own insulated
> fake root environment. We wanted to start from simulated root name servers.
> I was surprised I couldn’t find a complete example even after some extensive
> searches.
>                 The concepts are easy, but the devil is in the details.   We
> had done this before, but no one ever kept notes so I figured by posting it
> on the list it will eventually find its way into Google.   Here are the
> setup instructions below, name & ip address have been changed to protect the
> innocent!   Your comments/suggestions are welcome!

Not a bad idea.  Some comments:

/etc/resolv.conf should point to a recursive resolver, not a
non-recursive authoritative server.  Hosts 6,7,12, and 13 should all
be non-recursive authoritative servers.  There should be a separate

Looks like the contents of "" were not fully anonymized.

Bob Harold

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