Complete DNS fake root setup example

MURTARI, JOHN jm5903 at
Wed Jan 20 19:21:20 UTC 2016

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On Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 05:12:44PM +0000, MURTARI, JOHN wrote:
> Folks,
>                 Had to do some testing where we wanted our own
>                 insulated fake root environment. We wanted to start
>                 from simulated root name servers.  I was surprised I
>                 couldn't find a complete example even after some
>                 extensive searches.
>                 The concepts are easy, but the devil is in the
>                 details.  We had done this before, but no one ever
>                 kept notes so I figured by posting it on the list it
>                 will eventually find its way into Google.  Here are
>                 the setup instructions below, name & ip address have
>                 been changed to protect the innocent!  Your
>                 comments/suggestions are welcome!

The key parts are the root hints and the trust anchors. You can see
several such fake root configurations in the BIND 9 system tests (look
in bin/tests/system), e.g., the resolver system test.
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Thanks for that.  I took a look in the distribution at the directories you 
mentioned. There is very little explanatory text.  Not so sure someone
would find it useful in setting up their own fake root and a delegation

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