Overriding a single record with dynamic-dns

Darcy Kevin (FCA) kevin.darcy at fcagroup.com
Fri Jan 22 19:46:13 UTC 2016

Well, the apex record of a zone can’t be an alias, and you can’t legally point an MX record to an alias as its target. So I don’t know if you’ll get much success, either way…

Can you move off the dynamic stuff to a subzone, e.g. dhcp.example.com? Then the main zone could be static, and that would give you more flexibility.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to split off your dynamic data anyway, since there’s so much “churn” associated with such zones. If dynamic and static entries co-exist in the same part of the namespace hierarchy, there’s also an increased possibility of collision.

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Thank you for your detailed answer ...

but, indeed i do need some of the dynamic dns data in the external view and yes, the mx is it the apex ..

Your answer makes me wonder  if i should be playing with cname aliases and build a separate 'static' zone with two views

Thanks again

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