Additional Section - TXT Format?

Barry Margolin barmar at
Sat Jul 9 16:00:25 UTC 2016

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 Jun Xiang X Tee <jtee at> wrote:

> Dear all,
>   I have a simple question here. Is it possible to have a TXT format tuple 
>   appearing at the additional section?

I don't think there's anything expressly prohibiting it. But the 
additional section is only supposed to contain records that would be 
helpful when processing the records in the Answer section. For instance, 
if you ask for NS or MX records, you're likely to need the addresses of 
the targets of those records, so they should be included in the answer 
to save you from having to request them separately.

DNS is supposed to be a lightweight protocol, so it's inappropriate to 
return more data than is really needed.

Barry Margolin
Arlington, MA

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