Questions on how to setup Reverse DNS in bind 9

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You typically will not be delegated reverse DNS.  Honestly, I would contact godaddy support directly and see if they can adjust it for you.  As in, not on your server directly but either tell you how to do it in a control panel on your side of the fence or they just do it from their side.

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I'm new to operating a website and I'm leasing a virtual private server (VPS) from GoDaddy.   I'm paying for cPanel / WHM as well.   It's running CentOS 6.8 Final.  I'd like to setup reverse DNS but I'm having trouble.   I'm not 100% sure how to do it.   I have my hostname,<>   and there's two IP addresses assigned to that hostname, and   I was trying to setup a round robin kinda thing but I don't think I set it up correctly.

Anyway, I have<> which has the IP of   and then I have<> that has the IP address of   I wanted to know if someone could look over what I have so far and let me know if it's correct and how I should proceed.

So, in the /var/named directory, I create a file called:

The contents of are as follows:
@       IN SOA<>.<>. (
                                        2016071705      ; serial
                                        1D              ; refresh
                                        1H              ; retry
                                        1W              ; expire
                                        3H )            ; minimum        IN      NS<>.         IN      NS<>.

104     IN      PTR<>.
44      IN      PTR<>.

Does that look correct?   If not, how should I change it?   If so, what's the next step?   Thank you for your help!

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