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I haven't done it with GoDaddy but many providers WILL delegate reverse IPs to you if you request it.

Personal editorial comment:
Were it me I wouldn't use GoDaddy for anything.   I detest GoDaddy because their whole business model seems aimed at forcing you to leap through hoops to do anything useful.   They've recently started refusing external whois queries again so you must go to their website.   Often when we acquire companies and have to take on their domains if they're at GoDaddy they throw roadblocks in our way for transferring the domain to our preferred Registrar.   A new trick they started is denying transfers for 60 days if Registrant is updated.  They say they do all this to protect their customers but it seems obvious to me it is more to protect their bottom line.

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You typically will not be delegated reverse DNS.  Honestly, I would contact godaddy support directly and see if they can adjust it for you.  As in, not on your server directly but either tell you how to do it in a control panel on your side of the fence or they just do it from their side.

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I'm new to operating a website and I'm leasing a virtual private server (VPS) from GoDaddy.   I'm paying for cPanel / WHM as well.   It's running CentOS 6.8 Final.  I'd like to setup reverse DNS but I'm having trouble.   I'm not 100% sure how to do it.   I have my hostname,<>   and there's two IP addresses assigned to that hostname, and   I was trying to setup a round robin kinda thing but I don't think I set it up correctly.

Anyway, I have<> which has the IP of   and then I have<> that has the IP address of   I wanted to know if someone could look over what I have so far and let me know if it's correct and how I should proceed.

So, in the /var/named directory, I create a file called:

The contents of are as follows:
@       IN SOA<>.<>. (
                                        2016071705      ; serial
                                        1D              ; refresh
                                        1H              ; retry
                                        1W              ; expire
                                        3H )            ; minimum        IN      NS<>.         IN      NS<>.

104     IN      PTR<>.
44      IN      PTR<>.

Does that look correct?   If not, how should I change it?   If so, what's the next step?   Thank you for your help!

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