Questions on how to setup Reverse DNS in bind 9

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Thu Jul 21 01:40:12 UTC 2016

Matus UHLAR - fantomas,

I don't remember the tools, but I know that the way cPanel handles stuff
with Apache, it broke my website for me.   Using the cPanel / WHM
interface, I could tell Apache to listen on one IP or the other, not both,
unfortunately.   Some people (my wife's cell for instance) could make it to
my site, but on her laptop, I could not.   I believe this is because I
redirect everything to port 443 and the SSL certs were setup for the first
IP, not the second.   I believe when I assigned the second IP address to
the A record, sometimes I'd go to the first IP and Apache would
pick it up, other times, I'd go to the second IP and Apache wouldn't know
how to handle it.   Maybe it was because the SSL certs were created when I
only had the one IP, I don't know.   But it really messed things up and I
had to remove the second IP again.   I think if I manually edited the
httpd.conf file and regenerated the SSL certs, things might have started


On Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 4:14 AM, Matus UHLAR - fantomas <uhlar at>

> On 19.07.16 19:28, Spork Schivago wrote:
>> I got the A records set back up again.   Here's the important stuff I
>> think.
>> Does it look right?
> yes, although you may safely skip the localhost, and you may skip ".
> or replace simply "" by "@" (if cpannel supports that - it
> should)
> e.g.
>     86400   IN      NS
> @               86400   IN      NS      ns1
> For the reverse DNS pointer records, I think when I contact GoDaddy, I'm
>> going to ask if they can setup a PTR record so points to
>> and points to as
>> well.   I think that'll help with mail filtering and stuff.
> that will help your mail in getting delivered in the first place ;-)
> On Tue, Jul 19, 2016 at 5:45 PM, Spork Schivago <sporkschivago at>
>> wrote:
>>> I had removed the A record after it didn't work.   I was speaking in past
>>> tense there.  One of the DNS checking tools I was using went nuts
>>> complaining about something not being right so I undid my changes.   I'll
>>> recreate it.
> I'd like to see which tool and what complaints were they.
> some tools are good, some insist on useless things and some miss important
> things...
> The idea behind having two IP addresses and setting up the DNS servers was
>>> because I wanted to eventually setup some redundancy and play around with
>>> running a server out of my house.   I'll create the second A record for
>>> again but when we get into the new house, I'll change it so
>>> the IP address for the second A record points to my server at the house.
>>> That way, if one server goes down, people can still connect.   It'd be a
>>> great opportunity to learn this stuff a bit more I think.
> good idea.
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