Query "resolver" and "lwresd" via "dig"

Tony Finch dot at dotat.at
Tue Jun 21 11:09:20 UTC 2016

Jun Xiang X Tee <jtee at purdue.edu> wrote:
>   I wish to know efficient ways to query "resolver" and "lwresd". To my
> understanding, "resolver" is the iterative full DNS resolver,

"resolver" is a generic term. I think you are thinking of "named", BIND's
DNS server.

> and "lwresd" is the lightweight resolver daemon.
>   I plan to use "dig" to query both of them. I am not able to find a way
> to query "resolver" using "dig".

`dig` is a DNS client, not a lwres client, so it'll work as a client for
named. The lightweight resolver is a weird beast that is designed to move
most of the DNS logic out of the libc stub resolver into lwresd. lwresd is
an alias for named which enables the nonstandard lightweight resolver
protocol. BIND doesn't have a command-line lwres client, just some test

lwres is hardly ever used and can mostly be ignored.

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