UDP Packet Hack

Jun Xiang X Tee jtee at purdue.edu
Wed Jun 22 01:06:26 UTC 2016

Dear all,

  I am working on hacking UDP packets returned to "dig" client. I wish to include some extra information about the "digged" domain (e.g., facebook.com) at Additional Section of "dig" reply in TXT format. The ideal result is to be able to see the hacked UDP packets having the extra information using tools such as Wireshark.

  For the past two weeks, I have searched through many articles online and asked many people on how to do this, but I am still confused on where "dig" gets the UDP packets from. Below are my questions:

  (1) Does "dig" get its UDP packets from "named" server? Or "lwresd" server? Or others?

  (2) For hacking purpose, I should work on BIND9 source codes. I don't need to install BIND9 using "apt-get install", right?

  (3) Lastly, the most important question: How should I configure DNS server for "dig"?

        What I am doing now is going into "bin/dig" folder and run something like "./dig google.com".

        I think what I should do is "./dig @chosen_DNS_server google.com",  but I do not know how to configure the server.

  It will be great if someone can shed some lights on my questions. I have stuck for two weeks with zero progress, and have already thought about switching to another software. Haha. Thanks!


Jun Xiang Tee
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