non-BDB support for DLZ in Bind9?

Evan Hunt each at
Fri Mar 25 23:59:41 UTC 2016

On Fri, Mar 25, 2016 at 03:54:34PM -0700, PGNd wrote:
> I'm a mite confused about what the summary's telling me then.
> If I remove the 'unncessary' config items, the summary reports:
>     Dynamically loadable zone (DLZ) drivers:
>         None
> To my read, that says NO drivers will be dynamically loadable.
> Or does it mean something else here?

The distinction is between "DLZ drivers" and "DLZ modules".  The drivers
(in contrib/dlz/drivers) have to be linked in to named when you compile,
and are reported as part of the configure summary.  The runtime-loadable
modules don't need to be compiled in; you just build the .so file and add
something like this to named.conf:

    dlz "bdbhpt_dynamic" {
        database "dlopen ../ T . test.db";

(The name "Dynamically Loadable Zones" is, in retrospect, unfortunate.  Now
that it's possible to load DLZ modules at runtime with dlopen(), that means
you can have dynamically loadable Dynamically Loadable Zones zones. Sorry
about that.)

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