"spare hosts" as personal DNS nameservers for 'mynew.org'

Tony Finch dot at dotat.at
Tue Jul 11 14:23:43 UTC 2017

bind at zq3q.org <bind at zq3q.org> wrote:

> I have several linux VMs, that are under used, so I want to use them
> for the nameservers for 'mynew.org'.  Neither are in 'mynew.org';
> is that going to work?

Yes, that is perfectly normal. For example,

$ dig +noall +answer ns dotat.at
dotat.at.               3559    IN      NS      ns1.gratisdns.dk.
dotat.at.               3559    IN      NS      ns3.gratisdns.dk.
dotat.at.               3559    IN      NS      grey.dotat.at.
dotat.at.               3559    IN      NS      puck.nether.net.

$ dig +noall +answer ns ac.uk
ac.uk.                  20993   IN      NS      ns0.ja.net.
ac.uk.                  20993   IN      NS      ns1.surfnet.nl.
ac.uk.                  20993   IN      NS      ns2.ja.net.
ac.uk.                  20993   IN      NS      ns3.ja.net.
ac.uk.                  20993   IN      NS      ns4.ja.net.
ac.uk.                  20993   IN      NS      auth03.ns.uu.net.
ac.uk.                  20993   IN      NS      ws-fra1.win-ip.dfn.de.

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