"spare hosts" as personal DNS nameservers for 'mynew.org'

bind at zq3q.org bind at zq3q.org
Tue Jul 11 18:56:57 UTC 2017

On Tue 7/11/17 15:23 +0100 Tony Finch wrote:
> bind at zq3q.org <bind at zq3q.org> wrote:
> > I have several linux VMs, that are under used, so I want to use them
> > for the nameservers for 'mynew.org'.  Neither are in 'mynew.org';
> > is that going to work?
> Yes, that is perfectly normal. For example,
> $ dig +noall +answer ns dotat.at
> dotat.at.               3559    IN      NS      ns1.gratisdns.dk.
> dotat.at.               3559    IN      NS      ns3.gratisdns.dk.
> dotat.at.               3559    IN      NS      grey.dotat.at.
> dotat.at.               3559    IN      NS      puck.nether.net.
> $ dig +noall +answer ns ac.uk
> ac.uk.                  20993   IN      NS      ns0.ja.net.
> ac.uk.                  20993   IN      NS      ns1.surfnet.nl.
> ac.uk.                  20993   IN      NS      ns2.ja.net.
> ac.uk.                  20993   IN      NS      ns3.ja.net.
> ac.uk.                  20993   IN      NS      ns4.ja.net.
> ac.uk.                  20993   IN      NS      auth03.ns.uu.net.
> ac.uk.                  20993   IN      NS      ws-fra1.win-ip.dfn.de.

Thanks for the good examples Tony.  

Nice to learn your "+noall +answer" dig syntax also.

What is a domain registrar with good support, that can guide me through
getting this to work under linux (fedora 24 and bind 9.x)?  I can buy a new domain
if need be.

My current registrar may respond with a different person, for each mail
for a given single issue, and I'm getting inconsistent answers.  They will not
tell me any of their log error info; not sure if they even look?  They ignore
several of my questions.  In fairness they are sincere and trying.


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