reverse dns configuration for IPV4, IPV6+ dns+ mail ?

Pierre Couderc pierre at
Mon Jun 19 08:47:50 UTC 2017

On 06/19/2017 10:27 AM, Mark Elkins wrote:
> Another solution could be to make one of the names a CNAME pointing to
> the other name.
> -or-
> Just use one generic name for both services. rather than the two
> "service" names.
> Although in all honesty, I see nothing wrong with a lookup returning two
> answers (in a single response packet)  for the one reverse query. BIND
> certainly is not confused. I guess it confuses people?
> I've written various scripts to do various DNS checks and have always
> made (programmed for) this assumption - that there may be more than one
> answer and there may also be CNAMEs involved. If other software is
> confused - then perhaps it is badly written?
> Some people do though, I believe, go overboard...
> (dig  -x
Thank you, in  this case cname cannot be used, as IPV6 are different.
So, the point is does bind returns the 2 names in the same packet ?

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