Problem w/ Forwarding Zone in Caching-Only Config

Tony Finch dot at
Wed Jun 28 10:07:09 UTC 2017

Mark Andrews <marka at> wrote:
> See for details of how it is
> designed to work.  Section 11 shows how to go from IP address and
> netmask to the forward domain where the _dns-sd._udp subdomains
> reside.

At Cambridge my colleagues have an experimental DNS-SD setup for printing
from eduroam. Rather than the reverse DNS option, we're using the forward
option where clients get the domain from DHCP, so I just needed to add a
few records to the DNS and try not to worry too much about how competent
the print server is at DNS. The forward option greatly simplifies wireless
subnet allocation, and is conveniently v4/v6 agnostic.

b._dns-sd._udp.wireless	 PTR pc-printer-discovery.wireless
lb._dns-sd._udp.wireless PTR pc-printer-discovery.wireless
pc-printer-discovery.wireless NS papercut-test.ds

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