Problem w/ Forwarding Zone in Caching-Only Config

Mark Andrews marka at
Wed Jun 28 12:21:30 UTC 2017

In message <alpine.DEB.2.11.1706281050330.31235 at>, Tony Finch writes:
> Mark Andrews <marka at> wrote:
> >
> > See for details of how it is
> > designed to work.  Section 11 shows how to go from IP address and
> > netmask to the forward domain where the _dns-sd._udp subdomains
> > reside.
> >
> At Cambridge my colleagues have an experimental DNS-SD setup for printing
> from eduroam. Rather than the reverse DNS option, we're using the forward
> option where clients get the domain from DHCP, so I just needed to add a
> few records to the DNS and try not to worry too much about how competent
> the print server is at DNS. The forward option greatly simplifies wireless
> subnet allocation, and is conveniently v4/v6 agnostic.

The proceedure also works for IPv6 where for 99.99% of networks it
will be the reverse of the leading 64 bits.


but these are all alternatives.

> b._dns-sd._udp.wireless	 PTR pc-printer-discovery.wireless
> lb._dns-sd._udp.wireless PTR pc-printer-discovery.wireless
> pc-printer-discovery.wireless NS papercut-test.ds
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