strange problem with query being dropped/ignored by the BIND process

Marc Richter marc.richter at
Thu Jun 29 13:51:26 UTC 2017

Hi Dennis,

> Do you have any adjustments in /etc/system ?

No. And as mentioned before this is a Solaris 11 system, so /etc/system is
(mostly) irrelevant, as the IP settings are all done with ipadm now.

> # ndd -get /dev/ip \? | grep "read"
> # ndd -get /dev/tcp \? | grep "read"

That, as well as the script and examples you provided, won't help me a lot,
as I am looking at UDP receive buffer overflows, not TCP.

I have set udp_max_buf to 4MB now and udp_send_buf & udp_recv_buf to 2MB
each, then restarted BIND.
It seems to be working better now as I don't see that much receive buffer
overflows anymore.

However, the initial question still stands. How can I reconfigure BIND to
pick up the data faster from the receive buffer ?

> Since you are on contract ( me too .. arn't we all these days ) then I
> have to assume you have reasonable kernel updates and tcp patches in
> this Solaris server ?

Yes, of course.


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