bind-dyndb-ldap integration

Tony Finch dot at
Mon Mar 27 10:11:59 UTC 2017

Hika van den Hoven <hikavdh at> wrote:
> Running named with `-d 10 -g -u named` from the command line got me
> some more info but I still do not understand what goes wrong.

I looked at this, but I can't work out what the problem is either.
Something mysterious is going wrong inside bind-dyndb-ldap's config
parser, so I think you should contact the authors of bind-dyndb-ldap for

Here's what I can see happening...

>  ...
>  loading DynDB instance 'DNS-ldap'driver '/usr/lib64bind/'
>  bind-dyndb-ldap version 11.1 compiled at 21:34:13 Mar 20 2017,
>      compiler 4.9.4
>  registered dynamic ldap driver for DNS-ldap.
>  adding task 0x7fd80df75010 to syncrepl list; 1 task in list
>  configuration for dyndb instance 'DNS-ldap' (starting in file
>      /etc/bind/named.conf on line 44):
>  auth_method "simple";
>  base "cn=DNSdyndb, dc=home";
>  bind_dn "cn=Admin, dc=home";
>  directory "dyn";
>  password "????????";
>  uri "ldap://localhost:389";
>  verbose_checks yes;

At this point bind-dyndb-ldap has put the configuration through the BIND
config parser. The debug output is a dump of the parsed config. This
parsed config is then converted by bind-dyndb-ldap into its own format.
This fails:

>  cannot parse settings for 'named.conf for database DNS-ldap': not
>      found
>  LDAP instance 'DNS-ldap' destroyed
>  ...
> `

I think the "not found" error happens when it is looking for a setting
name which isn't present.

My best guess for what might fix it is if you explicitly set all
the options.

My guess for what might reveal a bug is if you just add a seting for the
`server_id` option.

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