bind-dyndb-ldap integration

Hika van den Hoven hikavdh at
Thu Mar 30 21:51:10 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I have another question related to bind-dyndb-ldap. Maybe someone can
give me some hint(s).

bind-dyndb-ldap seems now to be working, only before I used several
ACL's in named.conf. Also I have some master and server definitions
and some keys for the zone transfer and the comunication with DHCP.

The ACLs are not recognized inside bind-dyndb-ldap, but the keys are.
At least for "allow-transfer", for the "update-policy" I do not jet
know. And as it is a completely different syntax...

So for the "allow-transfer" statement I had to use the IP addresses and
it is now working. The slavezone statements are still in named.conf so
there is no issue there.

Whether the update policy for DHCPd now works I do not know, but it
seemed to have stopped working before the transfer to bind-dyndb-ldap.
Anyhow no ACLs needed.

Any other statements using ACLs like "allow-query" I left in the
options in named.conf, but I would like to move those to ldap too. But
without the ACLs?...

Optimally I would whish, like with DHCPd, all configuration inside
ldap, but that does not seem to be possible (jet).

Tot mails,
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