bind unexpectedly quit, how to debug

Tony Finch dot at
Tue May 9 10:34:56 UTC 2017

Paul Seward <Paul.Seward at> wrote:
> I thought I might get that sort of response, I'm not so much asking for a
> fix as asking how I can find more information.

It'll be one of the 42 CVEs in the table at the top of this page:

I think all of them probably apply to the version you are running.

However you are running a version with Red Hat's mystery meat patches,
so the vulnerabilities in what you are running won't match the nominal
ISC version number.

If you are running a service based on Red Hat's code, you should really
be paying for support from Red Hat. If that isn't an option, use Carl
Byington's RPMs instead.

> but until then I need to show management that I've done my due diligence
> into investigating the root cause.

Well the root cause is that your management aren't supporting your
routine security patch process!

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