Providing GeoIP information for servers

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Wed May 10 21:47:28 UTC 2017

On 05/10/2017 05:41 PM, Mark Andrews wrote:
> In message <c51ed4ea-2ce2-e7d4-8fec-f59c91708dcd at>, Robert Mosko
> witz writes:
>> I am kind of tired in my systems being reported as being in Plymouth MI
>> instead of Oak Park MI.  That is the best Comcast seems to be willing to
>> do for where my IP addresses (which are static) reside.
>> Is there anyway to provide location information for a server via DNS
>> that would feed into GeoIP?  For example, do LOC records work for this?
>> thanks
> AFAIK Maxmind et al don't lookup LOC records.  That being said if
> enough people published LOC records they might start.
> For Google you can update the location using a app which uses the
> phone's GPS.

I hate things that insist that I leave GPS on.  I only turn it on when I 
need it for directions or for exercise mapping (same thing). The UofMich 
weather app does not work without GPS on.  I really need to complain to 
them about that...

I will publish LOC records and see what happens....

thanks Mark

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