Providing GeoIP information for servers

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Wed May 10 22:06:00 UTC 2017

In message <3cc295c2-1717-3af3-362a-66c70825688b at>, Robert Mosko
witz writes:
> On 05/10/2017 05:41 PM, Mark Andrews wrote:
> > In message <c51ed4ea-2ce2-e7d4-8fec-f59c91708dcd at>, Robert M
> osko
> > witz writes:
> >> I am kind of tired in my systems being reported as being in Plymouth MI
> >> instead of Oak Park MI.  That is the best Comcast seems to be willing to
> >> do for where my IP addresses (which are static) reside.
> >>
> >> Is there anyway to provide location information for a server via DNS
> >> that would feed into GeoIP?  For example, do LOC records work for this?
> >>
> >> thanks
> > AFAIK Maxmind et al don't lookup LOC records.  That being said if
> > enough people published LOC records they might start.
> >
> > For Google you can update the location using a app which uses the
> > phone's GPS.
> I hate things that insist that I leave GPS on.  I only turn it on when I 
> need it for directions or for exercise mapping (same thing). The UofMich 
> weather app does not work without GPS on.  I really need to complain to 
> them about that...

The point of the app is to update the geo location data and it uses
the phone's gps to provide reliable data for that update.  You don't
need to leave it on.  Once the update is sent you can turn it off.
> I will publish LOC records and see what happens....
> thanks Mark
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