Providing GeoIP information for servers

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If you search for the terms "Computer location," "Default computer
location," "Sensor data API," you may find:

Hundreds of people have complained about this issue.

None of the proposed solutions work.

In Windows 7 it was possible to enter your location as your exact postal
address, but MSFT has deliberately obfuscated this capability and limited it
to country (in control panel/region) perhaps because:
     Maxmind was sued over an incorrect location that brought repeated
attention from law enforcement.
     One's exact location is a security risk, since bad people -- such as
the two teenage girls who
      recently dragged a man to his death with their car to avoid paying
fully for a cell phone they had
      agreed to purchase -- have learned to use the Internet.
    People could disguise their location to avoid law enforcement.
    You can surmise that if people could change their default computer
location, they would endlessly play
      with it, thus making its value worthless.

The topic ""Sensor data API" is interesting and "MIGHT" satisfy your needs:
   One of the categories of sensor data that Windows will record is
   It is possible to set up a sensor, such as a GPS device, to report its
data to the Windows sensor data
     facility by giving that facility the address of a callback function to
report the data.  Thereafter,
     apps like the "Sensor Diagnostic Tool" (before Windows 10) and the
"SensorInfo App" (Windows 10, free
     in the MSFT store) will report the correct geolocation.  Conceivably
you could fake the data and do
     w/o a GPS device.
   GPS devices that have a USB connection and come with a driver provide
very accurate geolocation, but
     not time, data, and they are relatively inexpensive.  For instance, see  It
might be possible to
     find a GPS unit that is designed to work with the Windows Sensor Data
facility; the Sensor Data API
     documentation specifically mentions that possibility.  I have never
seen one for sale, but I have
     not looked very hard either.
   You might learn the Sensor Data API, purchase a GPS device, write a
program to access the GPS lat/long,
     report that data to the Windows sensor data facility, find that the
"Sensor Diagnostic Tool" or the
     "SensorInfo App" and/or the Windows Management Interface correctly
reports your geolocation, but that
     the location reported to users is still incorrect.

C Elliott
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I am kind of tired in my systems being reported as being in Plymouth MI
instead of Oak Park MI.  That is the best Comcast seems to be willing to do
for where my IP addresses (which are static) reside.

Is there anyway to provide location information for a server via DNS that
would feed into GeoIP?  For example, do LOC records work for this?


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