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On 10-May-17 17:50, John W. Blue wrote:
> >From the it-could-be-worse department:
> I am more a fan of continental geolocation accuracy when it comes to IP addresses.
> John
If your static IP address has a reverse name in DNS, it's a short hop
through whois to your actual location.

Well, usually. It is possible that none of the contact addresses are
where the IP address is located - especially for large organizations.
And there are the whois proxies that obscures your physical location.

Still, it's pretty hard to hide.  (Even in a Kansas lake.)

Depending on your situation, you may wish to have different accuracy
and/or precision in internal and external LOC records.

But on the original topic:  Contact Maxmind and see if they'll fix your
They may require evidence that Comcast has delegated the address to you.

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> AFAIK Maxmind et al don't lookup LOC records.  That being said if
> enough people published LOC records they might start.
> For Google you can update the location using a app which uses the
> phone's GPS.
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