are you using lwres?

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Fri May 19 12:58:45 UTC 2017

On 18.05.17 21:13, Evan Hunt wrote:
>At ISC we've recently been discussing the idea of deprecating the
>lightweight resolver interface as of BIND 9.12. This means removing lwresd
>and liblwres, and deprecating the lwres statement in named.conf.  (Note
>that they would remain available in earlier releases; BIND 9.11 will be
>supported for several years yet.)
>Before we decide to do this, it would be helpful to know whether there are
>any legacy applications depending on it. Based on the number of support
>questions we get about lwresd (i.e., pretty close to none) there aren't
>many, but perhaps they're just quiet.  Do you run lwresd or named-with-
>lwres?  Do you have code that links with liblwres?  If so, please let me

I tried using it some 10 years ago. I had strange results related to rrset
ordering (with nss_dns the bind-provided ordering worked, with ndd_lwres I
got re-sorted IPs) so I disabled it.

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