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Elias Pereira empbilly at gmail.com
Mon May 22 19:36:38 UTC 2017

Hello guys, thanks for all the answers!!!

I was provisioning the AD in the wrong way. As we have our main DNS and it
is authoritative for our domain "example.com" I needed to create a
subdomain "sandom.example.com" so that AD DNS would be authoritative only
for "samdom".

Now everything is working properly.

Thank you all!!!

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> On 05/22/2017 07:16 AM, Barry S. Finkel wrote:
>> Maybe I am misinterpreting the problem.  When I was managing a mixed
>> AD-BIND DNS scenario, ALL of the computers used the BIND servers for
>> their DNS resolution; none used the AD servers.  But I had all of the
>> AD zones slaved on my BIND servers, so there was no need for any machine
>> to use the AD servers for DNS resolution.  The AD servers had only
>> the AD zones, so if any machine queried the AD server for a non-AD zone,
>> the request would have been forwarded to the BIND servers anyway.
> Could your AD clients still reach the AD DNS servers?  (It sounds like
> they could.)
> It's been my experience that AD clients still want to reach the master
> name server (in the SOA record) to do Dynamic DNS updates.
> (I've also successfully forced those through a BIND secondary configured
> to forward the dynamic updates to the AD master.)
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