named-compilezone errors

Tony Finch dot at
Tue May 30 12:51:14 UTC 2017

Chris Buxton <clists at> wrote:

> dns_master_load: bad escape
> dns_master_load: bad escape
> mhtswfw-dellfi01\342\200\223mgmt A
> mhtswfw-dellfi02\342\200\223mgmt A

Snigger. That's an en dash (U+2013, UTF-8 E2 80 93) encoded as
octal escapes. Master file binary escapes are decimal :-)
(Extra irony that Mockapetris was working on a PDP-10 which
loved octal.)

> There are NS records pointing to these names. The names belong to the
> zone I'm trying to compile. But the names are not defined. I would have
> expected that '-i none' would have allowed it to skip these errors. but
> it doesn't.

Yes, BIND insists very strongly that name servers have addresses.

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