BIND 9.13.x is the BETA version of BIND 9.14.0

Victoria Risk vicky at
Wed Aug 1 18:09:39 UTC 2018

Hello BIND-users,

Prior to BIND 9.13, new feature development releases were tagged as "alpha" and "beta", leading up to the first stable release for a given development branch, which always ended in ".0".
Now, however, BIND has adopted the "odd-unstable/even-stable" release numbering convention. There will be no "alpha" or "beta" releases in the 9.13 branch, only increasing version numbers. The first stable release from this development branch will be renamed as 9.14.0. We plan to pull a 9.14.0 stable branch at the end of 2018.

Therefore, we are already in the ‘Beta’ test period for 9.14.0. Major new features include the Local copy of the root zone feature and QNAME minimization, in particular, as well as IDNA2008 support. We want the 9.14 branch to be stable with the .0 release, and we want these new features to be well-tested and deployable.

So far we have gotten two very welcome beta test reports:
- Test feedback on the root zone mirror feature from Tony Finch (
- Thomas Jach reported an issue with QNAME minimization (

If you have the time and want to help us out, please consider testing 9.13 and giving us your feedback. We welcome anyone to open a BIND issue at

Thank you,

Victoria Risk
Product Manager
Internet Systems Consortium
vicky at

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