named tcp dos?

Daniel Stirnimann daniel.stirnimann at
Thu Aug 2 06:28:49 UTC 2018

Hello Randy,

> so, i guess there is a named tcp dos going around.  using bind9, is
> there an amelioration?  or am i misconfigured in some way?

It looks to me that this is a side effect of a very permissive RRL
configuration. My tests with the following command indicate that you
have set responses-per-second to 5.

mdig @ -f queries.txt

queries.txt contains 40x A

I would suggest something like this:

rate-limit {
   // start rate-limiting if more then X identical
   // responses per second, default 0 i.e. unlimited
   responses-per-second 25;
   nxdomains-per-second 25;
   errors-per-second 25;
   // credit/penalty WINDOW, default 15
   window 10;
   // send TC for every X-th rate-limited response, default 2
   slip 1;

Depending on your "max-udp-size" value (default 4096) you may also want
to increase "tcp-clients" setting (default 150).


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