Reverse DNS record for my webhost

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Tue Aug 7 15:24:55 UTC 2018

On 06.08.18 19:29, A wrote:
>I have a VPS and requested my webhost to fix reverse DNS for my domain 
>& IP.  They responded by telling me to provide them with the records I 

if you want to fix something, then it must be broken.
However, they have asked you, what should the reverse be.
so you just to have to tell them, what reverse DNS you want.

for example,  if your server is named "", and the DNS record points to your IP, just tell your ISP that
you want it to be "".  they will apparently set it.

>I found the following response to someone's question on the *Net*:

are you sure you need to search for answers on the net, instead of asking
your ISP?

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