SRV record not working

Thomas Strike thomas.strike at
Fri Aug 17 17:57:03 UTC 2018

Thanks all for your quick response. I didn't need a 2nd pair of eyes, I 
needed a 2nd brain. I didn't think that I had to use the fully qualified 
domain name and was just using the for the 
queries. What can I say, I'm old and going senile. Your responses showed 
me the error of my ways. My record was working, I wasn't.

Thanks again everyone.

I know that most of you hate nslookup but I have been using it since the 
90's and it's my go-to utility. I get the same responses whether I use 
Dig or nslookup. If nslookup doesn't return what I am looking for, I do 
use Dig also.

;I have created a SRV record for a new subdomain A record. I set 
;nslookup to use my DNS server directly and when I query for the A 
;record it returns it. When I set type=SRV and ask for the srv record 
;nothing is returned.

;My SRV record:    IN SRV    0 5 

;I need a 2nd pair of eyes on this one.

;Thanks, Tom Strike

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