SRV record not working

Bob McDonald bmcdonaldjr at
Sat Aug 18 13:25:37 UTC 2018

> I know that most of you hate nslookup but I have been using it since the
> 90's and it's my go-to utility. I get the same responses whether I use
> Dig or nslookup. If nslookup doesn't return what I am looking for, I do
> use Dig also.

I don't think anyone hates nslookup (well maybe a few do <grin>) I suppose
the immense dislike stems from the fact that it's the default utility under
Windows. Folks who use dig as their default realize that when used
properly, dig provides much more functionality than nslookup. For example,
try using TSIG with nslookup or getting a NSID response. These are only a
couple of examples. There's other reasons to change. The output from dig is
much more comprehensive. And, yes, if you install the bind tools from ISC
under Windows, dig works quite well.

Just my $.02

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