how two dns bind master sync?

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> On 22.08.18 20:37, Zhengyu Pan wrote:
>> Thank you for your reply.  How to switch slave to master in real time? 
> If you store the data in a file, simply redefine the zone type, change
> "type master;" to
> "type slave;”
However, I have hundreds of thousands of zone files in my master. If I modify these zone files sequentially and  then reload bind, it will spend a lot of time.  

> If you don't keep slave zones in files, you are out of luck.
>> Does bind have command?
> no.
>> Am 22.08.2018 um 12:17 schrieb Zhengyu Pan:
>> Because I need to a master as a cold standby.
> the question apparently was, why do you need it. This is not an answer to
> that question.
  Why I need the second master is that one master may send notify packet unsuccessfully with the increment of slave dns. I need that  one part of slave servers connect the first master, the other part of slave servers connect the second master. So  i need that these two master’s zone are fully consistent.

>> Another master need to
>> have the same zone  and configuration with the former.   When a master
>> is down, I need to switch to another master right away.
> slaves can be slaves to multiple servers. Servers can have multiple roles.
> ine server can fetch one zone from its master, but be a master to another
> server for the same zone.
 How to make a zone is type master for slave dns and the same zone is slave for master in a server. How to configure it in  named.conf?

>> In my application scenario, I have two master. Each master connect
>> several slave dns. When users update zone, i update these two master
>> respectively in a for loop. However, when any master update fails, i
>> will roll bock. you know, whenever any update, zone's serial will
>> increase. this cause that the serial numbers of zone in two
>> masters are
>> inconsistent. How can i keep these two masters' zones consistent
>> in real
>> time? Is using rsync tool a good way?  In the industry, is there
>> a good
>> way to synchronize two masters?
> The one example of this case it the active directory. It supports multiple
> masters, BUT:
> a DNS server should not be DNS slave to multiple AD servers. The AD servers
> contain the data, but serial numbers are unrealiable in this case.
> I'm afraid the same would apply for your application.

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