how two dns bind master sync?

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Wed Aug 22 12:54:05 UTC 2018

On 22.08.18 20:37, Zhengyu Pan wrote:
>Thank you for your reply.  How to switch slave to master in real time? 

If you store the data in a file, simply redefine the zone type, change
"type master;" 
"type slave;"

If you don't keep slave zones in files, you are out of luck.

> Does bind have command?


>Am 22.08.2018 um 12:17 schrieb Zhengyu Pan:
>Because I need to a master as a cold standby.

the question apparently was, why do you need it. This is not an answer to
that question.

>Another master need to
>have the same zone  and configuration with the former.   When a master
>is down, I need to switch to another master right away.

slaves can be slaves to multiple servers. Servers can have multiple roles.

ine server can fetch one zone from its master, but be a master to another
server for the same zone.

>In my application scenario, I have two master. Each master connect
>several slave dns. When users update zone, i update these two master
>respectively in a for loop. However, when any master update fails, i
>will roll bock. you know, whenever any update, zone's serial will
>increase. this cause that the serial numbers of zone in two
>masters are
>inconsistent. How can i keep these two masters' zones consistent
>in real
>time? Is using rsync tool a good way?  In the industry, is there
>a good
>way to synchronize two masters?

The one example of this case it the active directory. It supports multiple
masters, BUT:
a DNS server should not be DNS slave to multiple AD servers. The AD servers
contain the data, but serial numbers are unrealiable in this case.

I'm afraid the same would apply for your application.

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