Minimum TTL?

Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Sun Feb 11 01:22:00 UTC 2018

On 02/10/2018 12:15 PM, Barry Margolin wrote:
> Just because you have the right to do something doesn't mean it's a 
> reasonable thing to do.

I never meant to imply that it was the reasonable thing to do.

I meant to imply that it is my choice how I run my servers.

> And if you're offering a service, you have responsibilities to your 
> customers in addition to rights. They likely have expectations of the 
> quality of your service. Sure, you have the right to disappoint them, 
> but do you really want to do that intentionally if you have alternatives?

Part of what my customers paid me to do for 15 years was to run the 
network the way that I thought was best.  In other words, they were 
paying me for my professional opinion.

Granted, it behooved me to make sure that my opinion took into account 
their needs.  That being said, I would tell at least one client a year, 
"I'll do that if you tell me that's what you want.  However my better 
judgment says to do otherwise."  That's when conversations would ensue 
and usually one or the other of us would change our opinion.  Usually it 
was because one or both of us did not have all the information. 
Sometimes it was me, sometimes it was them.  But we did trust each other 
and respect each others opinion, particularly when it diverged form the 
beaten path.

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