Keeping dynamic and static zone data separated

Matthias Pigulla mp at
Wed Jan 3 17:30:57 UTC 2018

Dear bind-users,

I am running a zone with dynamic updates, but will also need to add
"static" RRs.

My first attempt was to use /etc/bind/db.myzone for the SOA and static
RRs. Then, use something like /var/lib/bind/db.myzone as the zone file and
$INCLUDE /etc/bind/db.myzone from there.

I was hoping that this way I could put /etc/bind under version control,
without being affected by the continuous dynamic changes made by dhcpd

But as it turns out, whenever bind syncs the dynamic changes (rndc sync),
it will dump a zone file in /var/lib/bind that omits the $INCLUDE
statement and instead contains a plain list of all RRs. So, after the
sync, changes to /etc/bind/db.myzone will no longer work.

I hope that this description makes sense... So, how do you handle the
situation of mixed static and dynamic RRs? Is there another way to keep
these separated and possibly under version control?

Or is it even a bug that the synced zone file omits the $INCLUDE statement?

Best regards

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