one domain not resolving via response-policy zone

Kai Wiechers kai at
Mon Jan 22 12:58:47 UTC 2018

Hi List,

I setup a response-policy zone to override some Records from external
DNS-Servers I can't control.

My db.rpz Zonefile:

@               IN      SOA     localhost. (
                        2018012212      ; serial
                        5M              ; refresh
                        5M              ; retry
                        4W              ; expiry
                        5M)             ; minimum
                  IN      NS      localhost.

localhost                    A       A   A                        A  A  A                     A

In my options I just added

response-policy { zone "rpz"; };

What really drives me crazy is, that the override of the google and
heise domain is working. But the domains not.
If I do a nslookup for one of the domains I reveive "** server
can't find SERVFAIL"

Any hints for me?

Thanks and best regards,

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