TR: Slave Zones for Bind 9.11

Evan Hunt each at
Sun Jun 17 20:59:20 UTC 2018

On Sun, Jun 17, 2018 at 07:10:11PM +0000, Nicolas Breuer wrote:
> I’m not using the in-view.
> So, per default this is copied into memory
> In case of failure of primary the slave can take the lead but in case of
> a reboot, the slave will not download the copy

I think I'd have to see your config to understand.  But if you
had it like this:

        view a {
           zone {
              type slave;
              masters { ... };
              file "filename";

        view b {
           zone {
               in-view a;

... then you'd have accessible within both views, and it will
be saved only once, in "filename".

> The goal to have two views is only to allow recursion on our internal ip’s.

If you don't have any zones that differ between your internal
and external views, then views are unnecessary. Just use
"allow-recursion { localnets; };" and external queries won't be
allowed to do recursion.

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