Domain name based multihome routing?

Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Tue Jun 26 17:45:22 UTC 2018

On 06/25/2018 11:08 PM, Dale Mahalko wrote:
> * The secondary program looks up the domain in a database, which also 
> includes the multihome destination for each domain. If a match is found, 
> a route is created to that multihome destination. Aliased acceleration 
> domains such as Akamai will be matched using the primary domain name.

Are you saying that you want to dynamically update routes to IPs 
resolved in real time to specific host / domain names?  Such that 
traffic to specific hosts / domain names is routed over DSL?  With 
things that don't match conditions routed over cell?

> * I want to put all the huge background bandwidth eating maintenance 
> downloads such as Microsoft Windows updates, Microsoft Store updates, 
> Microsoft P2P updates, Steam game downloads and updates, Adobe updates, 
> iTunes updates, iPhone iOS and App updates, and so forth on the slow DSL.
> * I want to put all the other things that are important to me like 
> multiplayer gaming UDP streams, remote desktop / SSH, video streaming, 
> and general web browsing on the cellular modem.

I think I understand what you want to do and why you want to do it.

It seems like you're using named as the source of information to feed 
into the process that dynamically updates routing.

I find the pausing of named to be questionable.  But I understand that 
you want to make sure that no connections are started until after the 
(re)routing has been done.

I feel like most of this is outside of named's scope and that it would 
run as a different user.

I would suggest exploring BIND's new Response Policy Service.  I think 
it provides a way for BIND to send information to a side program for 
various ""filtering actions.  IMHO there's no reason that such a side 
program has to actually filter requests / responses.  Instead, you could 
use that as an information feed to do what you're wanting to do with IPs 
and routes.  I just don't know about the ability to pause the response. 
Unless it's possible to do the route modification before returning the 
reply to BIND.

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