What if the link is failed between master/slave

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Fri Jun 29 17:05:07 UTC 2018

OK - Got it so is there any settings available at master by which it will
keep on probing slave and as soon it is contacted NOTIFY Message is sent.

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> > From: "Blason R" <blason16 at gmail.com>
> > I have bind Master server with me and slave is at other remote
> > location. My query is since I have opted for PUSH update from master
> > to slave over random port.
> >
> > What if the link at slave is down and NOTFY message is not reached?
> > When will slave then pull the update?
> Yes, according to the refresh interval in the SOA record.  The pertinent
> values are REFRESH, RETRY and EXPIRE.  See section 3.3.13 of RFC1035
> https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1035#page-19
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